Coronavirus patient information update

What to expect when you arrive - Your new patient journey

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic has been a testing time for everyone, but also that we need to ensure we are still able to care for you and your dental needs. To enable us to do this, we have been working relentlessly to completely redesign the way we operate so that we can begin to welcome you back as safely and as quickly as possible.

Your safety is paramount. We understand that things may feel different to your usual experience of a dental visit, and that you may be concerned, so here is some information on how your new visit will look and feel.

Before your appointment

We will discuss the treatment you require with you and give you advice about how to access the practice. We will advise you of the cost of your treatment and, what to do when you arrive. It is possible that we may ask you to complete and return a medical history form that will be sent and completed digitally, so please do not print this out and bring with you. We may also ask you to pay for your treatment in advance over the telephone. This will reduce contact with our staff when you arrive at the practice and reduce any risks associated with handling cash.

On the day of your appointment

Before you leave home, we ask that you only leave with items that are absolutely essential. Where possible, please ensure that you have already visited the toilet, have ensured that you are hydrated, had something lite to eat, and already brushed your teeth.

When you arrive, the doors will be locked, so please call to let our team know you have arrived and either stay in your car or outside of the practice (whilst maintaining good social distancing protocol) if you have arrived on foot. To minimise risk, please ensure you attend your appointment alone unless you require assistance or are supporting a child or someone vulnerable. We recommend you bring your own pen in case a document needs to be signed.

If you are feeling unwell with flu like symptoms on the day of your appointment, please contact us to reschedule.

Please remember to travel to the practice wearing a face covering.

Entering the practice

Upon arrival please either wait in your car or at the door, practicing social distancing. Please do not arrive early. When it is time for your appointment, one of our team will call you to notify you that we are ready to let you in. Please let us know if you do not have a mobile phone beforehand and we will make alternative arrangements. Before entering the practice, one of our trained colleagues will take your temperature to ensure you do not have a fever and invite you in if your temperature is safely below 37.8 degrees centigrade. Unfortunately, if you are above 37.8 degrees, we will have to rearrange your appointment for the safety of our team.

Once you have been invited into the practice, you will be asked to sanitise your hands. If you do not have a face covering, we will provide one for you. Our staff will be wearing protective equipment and might be behind a protective plastic screen, but this is for the safety of everyone. No other patients will be waiting in the reception area and you will be guided to the appropriate treatment room, following the distance markers that will be displayed throughout practice.


Before you enter the treatment room, you will need to leave any loose belongings like your coat or bag in the designated box provided. Upon entering the treatment room, you will find our clinical team wearing extra Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This is in order to provide you with the right care and service, as they cannot adhere to social distancing recommendations. This may mean that it is more difficult to see their faces, but please be reassured that they will be the usual friendly team. Naturally we are also ensuring that each treatment room is carefully cleaned and disinfected after each patient. You will be asked to remove your face covering prior to commencing treatment and to sanitise your hands again. We may ask you to rinse your mouth with a medicated mouthwash before we begin treatment.

After the appointment

When your treatment is complete, you will replace your face mask, sanitise your hands and collect your belongings from the box outside the treatment room door. Before you leave the practice, you will dispose of your mask at the door (where we have provided you a disposable) and leave after using hand sanitiser one last time, before you go. If you have any questions after the appointment, we will be able to call you to discuss this further. The aim is to minimise your time in the practice, for your own safety.

Treatments available post-Covid-19 lockdown

Dental procedures are divided into those that generate an aerosol [AGPs], and those that do not [non-AGPs].

Examples of Non-AGPs

Examples of AGPs

Emergency Pricelist

Emergency assessment including x-rays £40

Emergency assessment AND

Gold crown price on application

Root Canal Treatment

Wisdom teeth price on application
Specialist work – price on application