Crowns & Bridges in Erith, Kent

Perfect restorations and bridging gaps between teeth

When a tooth has cracked, broken or has severely decayed then our dentists will advise creating and fitting a new dental crown. Made from ceramic or porcelain, dental crowns are strong and can last for many years. Using the latest technology, we can now match the colour of your new crown to the same shade as the rest of your teeth.

The broken or decayed tooth will require initial preparation and then an impression is made to ensure we have the perfect crown made for you. On your next visit the new dental crown is then bonded to the tooth with a strong adhesive and finally polished for that perfect finish.

Dental bridges are similar but they are used to fill a gap in your smile where there is a missing tooth. Made from the same ceramic or porcelain material dental bridges are fitted onto the teeth either side of the gap. These adjacent teeth will require preparation which involves reducing the size in order to fit the bridge into position. Our dentist will then take an impression and once the new dental bridge is made, it can be bonded into place and finished with a clean and polish.

If you have a missing tooth or have broken a tooth and need it to be restored, please send us your details by filling in the enquiry form below. Alternatively you can contact a member of or dental reception team to book an appointment by calling 01322 336401.

How much are Crowns & Bridges?

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Crowns & Bridges in Erith, Kent

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