North Heath Dental Fees Guide

Great value private dentistry for the whole family

Our fees listed below are a guide only. We advise patients to make an initial consultation appointment so that we can assess your dental health before proceeding with any treatment. Patients wishing to have a smile makeover or who are in need of extensive dental restoration we have finance options available, please see our dental finance page. For an insight into any of our services, please click on a dental treatment listed below.

Examinations & Consultations

Treatment Cost
Patient Exam Including X-rays £40
Cosmetic Dental Consultation FREE
Facial Aesthetics Consultation FREE

Facial Aesthetics

Treatment Cost
Botox Wrinkle Reduction From £200
Dermal Fillers From £275

Hygiene Appointments

Treatment Cost
Adult Hygiene 30mins From £80
Child Hygiene 15mins £40

General Dentistry

Treatment Cost
Fissure Sealants From £15
White Fillings £80 - £320
Root Canal Incisor From £450
Root Canal Premolar From £550
Root Canal Molar From £750
Acrylic Dentures From £450
Chrome Dentures From £1,900
Mouthguard / Sportsguard From £120
Nightguard From £300
Intra-Venus Sedation £500
Extraction Simple From £120
Extraction Surgical From £180
Extraction Wisdom Tooth From £220

Cosmetic Dentistry

Treatment Cost
Home Whitening Disposable Trays £150
Home Whitening Syringes £40
Home Whitening Custom Trays From £300
Zoom Whitening In-House From £300
Combination Whitening From £450
Crowns From £350
Bridges (Per Unit) From £600
Inlays & Onlays £350
Veneers £650
Dental Implants From £2,500
Invisalign From £1,500

Treatment with Specialist in Prosthodontics Dr Robin Amanullah

Treatment Cost
New Patient Assessment £95
Composite (White) Filling From £200
Amalgam (Silver) Filling From £200
Extraction From £180
Crowns/Bridges/Veneers Per Unit From £950
Resin Retained Bridges From £1,200
Acrylic Partial Denture From £1,200
Cobalt Chrome Partial Dentures From £2,500
Complete Dentures (Each) From £3,000
Single Implant & Crown From £3,000
Implant Supported Bridge (3+ Units) From £6,000
Implant to Support a Denture (May require new denture first) From £1,700
Bone Graft From £500

NHS & Private Dental Care

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