Oral hygiene in Erith, Kent

Regular hygiene visits will help maintain a healthy smile

Before booking an appointment with our hygienist, you will first be required to visit our dentist for a dental examination. Once checked and provided your teeth do not require any immediate treatment, you can then book direct appointments to see the hygienist.

Our dental hygienists are here to look after your teeth and gums. They also provide important advice about maintaining a clean and healthy smile.You can visit the hygienist as often as you like but we do recommend a minimum oral health check of at least twice a year.

Oral hygiene appointments are not just about how you should clean your teeth. We have to check the health of your gums to ensure they are not receding or bleeding. Gum disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss and if your gums are showing the first signs of gingivitis it will slowly worsen if untreated. Our hygienist will also look for any redness of inflamed gums.

After we eat, food deposits are left in our mouth and if we do not brush and clean our teeth regularly, bacteria will begin to form along the gum line and in-between the teeth. As well as causing bad breath (halitosis), if the bacteria is not removed it will eventually build up and turn into a hard substance known as plaque. This can be extremely damaging to both teeth and gums and must be removed.

At North Heath Dental our dental hygienists will remove any deposits and descale the plaque before thoroughly cleaning and polishing your teeth. They will also guide you on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy whether its with regular flossing or providing particular dietary advise to minimise sugar intake.

To visit North Heath Dental for an Oral hygiene appointment, please request a day and time by filling in the enquiry form on this page. Alternatively you can call 01322 336401 and a member of our dental team will be happy to book an appointment for you.

How much is a Hygiene Visit?

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Oral hygiene in Erith, Kent

Call us on 01322 336401 to book a Hygiene Visit.