Oral Surgery in Erith, Kent

Tooth extractions using safe surgical procedures

Only qualified dentists who have been trained to perform oral surgery can carry out safe tooth extractions. At North Heath Dental we have a dedicated team of dental surgeons with the knowledge and technical expertise to remove impacted wisdom teeth, badly decayed teeth or a severely broken tooth.

Before any extraction is performed, our clinicians will always assess a patient's dental condition. There could be a number of reasons why a tooth may be removed. Some patients may have accidentally fractured a tooth beyond repair, or a tooth has corroded to the point where it cannot maintain its strength even after reconstruction. Whatever the reason, removing a tooth would be the last resort so a full examination would be required before surgical intervention.

One of the most common occurrences are impacted wisdom teeth. This can cause a lot of pain and potential dental problems with neighbouring teeth. Oral surgery for the removal of a wisdom tooth will begin with a local anaesthetic via injection. Alternatively if a patient suffers with dental phobia, then we do offer other forms of sedation. After extraction the area may swell up and bleed for a short while, but our dental clinicians will recommend the right dose of pain killers to help reduce any discomfort and inflammation.

For more information about our oral surgical procedures or to arrange an appointment for a tooth extraction, please contact our reception team at North Heath Dental in Erith, Kent.

Oral Surgery in Erith, Kent

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