Root Canal Treatment in Erith, Kent

Endodontics is a highly effective specialist treatment

When a tooth has been badly broken or has continually decayed after several restorations, the nerves of the tooth can be infected by bacteria which can cause extreme pain and discomfort for the patient. Root canal treatment involves removing the bacteria from the root canals and then resealing them to prevent further bacteria entering inside.

Inside every tooth there is a soft tissue called pulp. The pulp contains the blood vessels and the nerves which are in the canals leading to the root. If the bacteria is untreated then an abscess can develop destroying the pulp leaving the dentist with no option other than a tooth extraction.

Endodontics is a specialist dental procedure that requires delicate skills to help save the tooth from extraction. The average course of root canal treatment requires two visits to the dental surgery and may last for two hours each time. A local aneasthetic is first given before the bacteria is carefully removed. The root canals are then cleaned thoroughly before the tooth is finally sealed.

After root canal treatment the tooth can feel sensitive up to a day later. Normal 'over the counter' pain killers can be taken to help relieve the pain but the tooth is likely to need further dental treatment for additional protection. Once the tooth has been badly fractured or decayed, our dentist may recommend a dental onlay or a new tooth crown to be made.

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Root Canal Treatment in Erith, Kent

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