Dental Dentures in Erith, Kent

Comfortable dentures that look natural and feel great

At North Heath Dental we can create dentures that not only look good, but feel stable enabling you to eat, talk and smile with confidence. Our dentists are skilled at taking precise impressions to make your bespoke dentures fit as comfortable as possible. Also, using the latest techniques and materials, your new false teeth no longer look false. We can make them appear like natural looking teeth.

Losing one or more teeth can be a very concerning experience for patients. There are several ways to replace missing teeth such as a dental bridge or a dental implant. Dentures are available as a partial set or full denture set. By visiting our dentists, we can assess the current health of your teeth and smile and advise the best course of treatment for you.

Dentures have been an available for many years now but advances in technology have enabled us to offer patients various material options from acrylic to chrome dentures. There are also many finishing options available too providing our patients with choice of natural tooth colour shades.

Once your impression has been taken and your new set of dentures are being carefully crafted, our dentist will offer you temporary dentures to wear. As dentures are removeable, they must always be taken care of and cleaned regularly in water with a special dissolvable tablet as well as brushed.

If you would like further information about full and partial dentures and would like to arrange an appointment, please fill in the form below or contact our friendly reception team at North Heath Dental in Erith, Kent.

Dental Dentures in Erith, Kent

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