Children's Dentist in Erith, Kent

Why it is important for children to visit the dentist

It's not uncommon for children to develop problems with their teeth from a very early age. Our dentists at North Heath Dental always advise parents and guardians to bring their children for an assessment even when their baby teeth start appearing. Also, by visiting the dentist at an early age will help children become familiar with the clinical surroundings.

The NHS will allow our dentists to check your child’s teeth free of charge up until the age of sixteen. However, if places are limited then you can opt for our private dental care service. Our North Heath Dental team are all professionally trained and are highly experienced in treating patients of all ages.

By monitoring the progress of your child’s milk teeth with regular dental health checks, we can detect any potential problems that may occur before adult teeth grow through. We can also check for signs of early decay as well as advise parents and their children about how they can look after their teeth and gums. It's important for children to understand how to brush their teeth properly and get into good habits whilst they are young.

Our dentists can also provide guidance about various foods and drinks to avoid if it is affecting you child’s dental health. Using the right toothpaste and toothbrush is also an important factor and our dentists can recommend a range of products to use during your visit.

If you would like more information about NHS dentistry for your child, or about our private dental care service, then please do not hesitate to contact our reception team. We will be more than happy to invite you to our dental surgery. Simply fill in the enquiry form below or visit our contact page to make an appointment with a dentist.

Children's Dentist in Erith, Kent

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