Porcelain Veneers in Erith, Kent

A complete smile makeover with dental veneers

Not many people have perfect formed teeth that are either straight or the ideal shape. Everyone is different and so are their smiles. Most of the patients we see have either discoloured teeth, uneven teeth or small gaps between their teeth. With dental veneers our cosmetic dental experts can transform your whole smile to look and feel amazing.

At North Heath Dental we can design your smile with dental veneers that can give you the perfect appliance you have always longed to have. The procedure is relatively straight forward and the results are seen immediately after your course of treatments.

This is a popular smile makeover but during your first consultation our dental expert will discuss all appropriate cosmetic options available for your smile. After an initial dental check and thorough examination, there may be other alternative dental treatment solutions you may wish to consider. Our aim is to ensure you will be happy with your choice of treatment and how we propose your new smile will look like.

The dental veneer treatment involves the application of a thin layer of porcelain to each tooth before it is shaped and polished. Each tooth will require preparation beforehand and then the porcelain sheets are carefully bonded to the front surface. Once in place, they are then finally crafted and perfected for that winning smile.

To find out more about how great dental veneers can look, please fill in the enquiry form on this page below. Alternatively contact North Heath Dental as we would be delighted to see you for an initial smile consultation.

How much are Porcelain Veneers?

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Porcelain Veneers in Erith, Kent

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