Teeth Whitening in Erith, Kent

An effective and safe solution for a brighter smile

One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments today. Whether you want to lighten your teeth for a fresher look or a Hollywood smile that dazzles to impress. At North Heath Dental we offer teeth whitening treatments to suit your smile preferences. We use branded products which are approved within the dental industry and safe for all patients.

As we get older, our teeth naturally discolour whether it is natural genetics or the food we eat. Drinking tea, coffee and red wine regularly can also stain teeth as well as smoking which can make you teeth yellow. Teeth can also stain quicker if you do not clean your teeth at least twice a day and visit the dental hygienist regularly.

The tooth whitening procedure can be carried out in the dental surgery and at home. Our dentists will first need to check the health of your teeth and gums before treatment can be administered. If a patient’s teeth and gums are not healthy then whitening may be too sensitive for them.

Once the dentists approves that you are dentally fit for teeth whitening, an impression of your teeth will be made in order to create your bespoke tooth whitening trays. These are like flexible mouth guards or soft retainers that hold the tooth whitening solution and cover all your teeth.

Our dentist will then show and explain to you how to apply the solution and advise you how long to wear the home teeth whitening trays for. The longer and more often you wear they home whitening trays for, the whiter your teeth with become.

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How much is Teeth Whitening?

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Teeth Whitening in Erith, Kent

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